Each year the Thurston Alumni Association Executive Board and its members work hard to plan events and share information regarding reunions to bring former classmates and community members together. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for general information. If you’re looking for reunion-specific information, please get in touch with the assigned class contact.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location Contact
April 25th,26th,27th Thurstons Spring Musical William F. Weber Preforming Arts Center
May 14th - 7pm Choir Concert William F. Weber Preforming Arts Center
May 21st - 7pm Band Concert William F. Weber Preforming Arts Center
June 8th 17th Annual Golf Outing Rolling Meadows Golf Course – Whitmore Lake Nancy Nole
June 22nd Annual All Year Picnic Hines Park Recreation Area Pete Letkemann
August 17th Class of 74: 50th Reunion One Under Banquet Hall – Livonia Ken Harb, Tom Dowdy
October 4th Class of 69: 55th Reunion Bakers – Milford David Burgess

Reunion Information

Class Year(s) Date Contact
Class of 1972 8/6/2022 Rick Bennett
Class of 1971 8/20/2022 Sandra Zalewski Sproule
Classes of 1966/1967 9/10/2022 Emily Kress
Class of 1962 9/18/2022 Nikki Westberg
Class of 1982 10/15/2022 Maggie Barnowski
Class of 2003 8/19/2023 Valerie Jackson
Class of 1973 9/9/2023 Terri Schmidtke and Jane Murphy
Class of 1968 9/16/2023 Lorna Durand
Class of 1983 9/29/2023 Jodi Galdes
Class of 1963 9/30/2023 David Daniels
Class of 1978 10/14/2023 Gina Ortele Cullen and Bill Deierlein
Class of 1964 (and 1963/1965) 9/13-15/2024 Barbara Morris
Class of 1974 8/17/2024 Ken Harb, Tom Dowdy
Class of 1969 10/4/2024 David Burgess